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Zombie Anchor

Action and adventure are awaiting you deep in the woods!! The Outpost inside Area 37 to be exact...


Outpost 9182B had been sending strange reports, and now we've lost contact with them all together. Dr Marcella, the lead researcher in the field, has been studying a strange virus that was uncovered inside a meteorite found near the outpost. When the strain was first found, she was skeptical that the team would find it to be anything beyond another strain of the flu. But the research found the virus to have many unearthly like properties, most notably re-animating dead tissue! The implications of such a capability are staggering, so the research was intensified, but only a few short days later all contact was lost! 


The brass want to send in a crack team to investigate: That's YOU!!! We need you to pull Dr Marcella out of danger! And the Research! Don't forget the Research!

60 Minutes - Max 10 Players

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