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Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions is Decipher taking for the COVID 19 Outbreak?

Decipher is taking the viral outbreak very seriously. To protect our players and game masters we have instituted a cleaning policy between every group where all of our surfaces are sprayed down with disinfectant. We are also requiring players to hand sanitize before the game. For everyone's safety, players who are experiencing flu-like symptoms will not be admitted.


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a heavily interactive, fully engaging, team driven puzzle game. Your team will be brought into a themed room, locked in, and given a time limit (typically 60 minutes) to solve your way out. The best escape rooms have multiple areas that you need to work your way through and Decipher has the largest rooms in the area!


Are the rooms scary?

Escape rooms can be intense, but if this is something you are worried about, speak to your Game Master. We will do our best to accommodate your group.


Is Decipher right for a company team-builder?

Definitely! We bet that you have put together a great team, and now it’s time to prove it! Escape rooms in general improve communication skills and team cohesiveness. And Decipher is among the very best escape rooms! Our Escape Room Experiences are some of the most challenging, largest we’ve seen, and have puzzles targeted at diversely thinking groups.

A huge benefit of Decipher for your team-builder is our Briefing Room. The briefing room can comfortably accommodate 10-15 people and has a large 75” display. Your presentation will look great, and of you asking nicely I’m sure the game master will let you have access to the special effects!

Also, we are located inside The Pit! So when your team has solved the escape rooms, take them to race on the best indoor karting track in the South!


Will escape rooms be good for a family?

Our Bomb Squad trainer is targeted at 7 years old and up. For the other experiences though, we find the best starting age for a typical escape room experience is 12 years old. Provided your children are within that age group (or close) your family is going to have a great time! Escape rooms are a huge bonding experience! And we’re sure you’ll talk about your Decipher Escape Rooms experience for years to come!

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