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Decipher Escape Rooms!
The Ultimate Team Builder!

Decipher Escape Rooms



There is no better way to bring your people together than through an Escape Room Team Builder! Your team will build lasting memories as they put their
heads together to solve our challenging puzzles to solve the mysteries inside our exciting Escape Rooms! Imagine your team huddled together trying to defuse the bomb. Or team members holding off the zombies while others work through the locks to get away! You'll have a great time regardless of which room you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room Team Builder?

An Escape Room Team Builder is a fun and
an interactive way to bring your team together and
promote team building. Our rooms are designed to
challenge your team and promote communication,
collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

How long does an Escape Room Team Builder last?

Depending on the room you choose, our Escape
Room Team Builders generally last between 60-90

What if my team can't solve the puzzles?

Our game masters are always on standby to help
teams if they get stuck. We also have a hint system
in place to help teams if they need a little nudge in
the right direction.

How do I book an Escape Room Team Builder?

You can book an Escape Room Team Builder online
or by giving us a call at (escape room phone

Group Packages

Small Teams

10 Players or Less

  • One Team Exclusive Escape Room! 60 Minute Duration

  • Private Conference Room for  Food, Awards, and Presentations

  • Catered Meal from one of our  Restaurant Partners

Medium Teams

20 Players or Less

  • Two Team Exclusive Escape Rooms! - 60 Minute Duration

  • Private Conference Room for Food, Awards, and Presentations

  • Catered Meal from one of our Restaurant Partners

Large Teams

30 Players or Less

  • Three Team Exclusive Escape Rooms! - 60 Minute Duration

  • Large Private Conference Room for Food, Awards, and Presentations

  • Catered Meal from one of our Restaurant PartnersLarger Groups, Contact Us to tailor the right package for you!


Zombie Escape Title Card-01.png

You and your team are in a remote cabin in the woods when you hear the sounds of zombies approaching. You have to act fast! Grab your guns and start shooting the zombies as they come out of the woods.

You have a limited supply of ammunition, so you must make every shot count. Meanwhile, the rest of your team must solve the clues
 to figure out how to escape the cabin before the zombies break in and eat you all! Can you make it out alive?

Robot Soldier


After receiving a call from the hotel manager, you rush to the Pine View hotel to find Ellen Landini, a wealthy socialite, dead in her room. The police have already arrived on the scene and are questioning the hotel staff. As you begin to investigate, you quickly
realize that Ellen was killed by someone who knew her well. The killer must have been color blind, as they left a clue at the crime scene that only someone with that condition would be able to see. With the help of your trusty sidekick, you must use your deductive skills to solve the mystery of who killed Ellen Landini.

Meet Calvin_edited.png

You and your team have been tasked with downloading a rogue AI that has been long forgotten. This AI has been locked away for years and is set to go on a rampage. It is your job to break it out. You will need to use your knowledge of artificial intelligence to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room before the AI can escape itself.

The year is 20xx and the world as we know it is on the brink of destruction. An artificial intelligence named Calvin has gone rogue and is intent on wiping out humanity. The only thing standing in its way is a team of intrepid adventurers who must brave an escape room full of puzzles and traps in order to put an end to Calvin's reign of terror. This escape room is not for the faint of heart. Players will need to use their wits and ingenuity to solve a variety of puzzles that stand between them and the AI's lair. There are no easy answers here, and the team will need to work together if they hope to
survive. lives are at stake, so failure is not an option. Can you save humanity from destruction?

The bomb squad escape room is a fast-paced, action-packed game where players have to work together to find the bomb, disarm it, and safely self-destruct it. The clock is ticking and there are only 30 minutes to solve the puzzles and save the city. Can you handle the pressure?


BombSquad Title Card-01.png

You're in your cell, and you've been there for what feels like forever. The only thing that's keeping you sane is the hope that you'll one day be freed. But that day doesn't seem like it's ever going to come. You've been left to rot in this place, with only your own thoughts for company. But then, one day, you hear a noise. It's faint, but it's definitely there. Someone is trying to escape! And if they can do it, so can you. You start to work on picking the lock on your cell door, and finally, after what feels like hours, you're free! Now the real challenge begins. You
have to find a way out of prison, without getting caught. Each cell is its own little world, and you'll have to use your wit and intelligence to navigate your way through the maze-like corridors, avoiding the guards who are patrolling. Can you make it out alive?

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